Healing Psoriasis

  Natural Methods for Healing Psoriasis

Most people go to their doctors when they first get psoriasis, and this makes sense since we are usually told to get medical help when something is wrong with our bodies. However, with this condition, the medical help is often either ineffective or comes with the possibility of very bad side-effects. For example, some shots given for psoriasis have the chance of causing cancer, kidney stones, and other problems that can be worse than the original disease. Because of this, many end up looking for natural methods for healing psoriasis.

It is important to note that as of yet, there is no known cure for this autoimmune condition. Therefore, standard medical methods are not necessarily offering any advantage over natural ones. Instead, they are just using different mechanisms to try to control the symptoms.

There are several natural approaches for healing psoriasis. Some work from the outside-in, and are applied to the skin. These include natural oils like almond oil, soap made with pine tar, black African soap, and other such products. All of these work to soothe the skin, prevent dryness, reduce itching, or some combination of the three.

Other natural methods work from the inside out. Some have obtained good results by adding a vegan diet for psoriasis to their overall plans. Notably, a proponent of this diet says that sugar, despite its vegan status, is bad for his skin. Instead, healthier ingredients go into his plant-based meals.

Most find that a combination of approaches provides the best results. Therefore, they often use a vegan diet for psoriasis and have a bathroom full of natural skin care products as well.