Best Diet for Psoriasis: Alkaline Plant Based

The phrase "best diet for psoriasis" gets thrown all over the face in today's world, especially on social media. The truth is, since everyone's body is different, and everyone's severity of their psoriasis is different, different diets and foods will help each individually differently in improving their psoriasis condition. One of the most common diets that have helped many with their psoriasis is the plant based diet. Following this diet has improved my psoriasis a lot, but following the alkaline diet took my psoriasis improvements to the next level. Just take a look at the 2 month progress I made on my legs psoriasis below.

In this blog, I will mention the 8 categories of foods you should be eating on the Alkaline Plant Based diet that I follow and teach on my social media pages in order to heal your psoriasis. I want to point out that this is my personal experience and that everyone's body is different. But I do recommend giving this diet a try as it has helped many and I pray it helps your psoriasis as well.

Category #1: Fruits

Honestly don't really need to talk about this category too much as fruits are one of the best foods available to us on this planet. I recommend eating 3-4 servings of fruits a day, and mix it up! Don't eat the same fruit everyday since each fruit has its own unique nutrients so mix it up. I love having green apples, watermelon, mangoes, bananas, and pineapples.

Category #2: Dried Fruits

Many people don't eat dried fruits and I really don't know why. If you have a sweet tooth like myself, dried fruits will be your best friend. You can also mix these foods up into your cooking to sweeten your oatmeal or smoothies. They are also a great on the go snack. My favourite are Majool dates and figs, and you can also have raisins, currants, dried apricots, and prunes.

Category #3: Vegetables

Another category of food that I really don't need to talk about too much here. Vegetables are one of the most least consumed foods in the traditional diet. Many people I know take supplements of various types of vitamins and minerals when all you need to eat is more fruits and vegetables. I do want to point out that there is a group of vegetables known as "Nightshades" and I recommend you watch this video I made on whether you should avoid these vegetables or not for psoriasis. My favourite vegetables are kale, zucchini, cabbage, carrots, celery (celery juice), and cucumbers.

Category #4: Potatoes

Many people think that sweet potatoes are better than white potatoes because sweet potatoes are more "healthier". That is not true. Both are great and have different nutrient profiles. Sweet potatoes are higher in Vitamin A and a better source of fibre while white potatoes have more protein and higher in iron and potassium. White potatoes are considered to be a nightshade, so do play around with this food to see if it triggers your psoriasis or not.

Category #5: Soy Products

Some people over on my Instagram have told me that Soy tends to flare up their psoriasis. For me, this is not the case and I don't know what I would do without Tofu as it is a really high protein food that is a staple in my bodybuilding diet. You can also try tempeh, edamame, and soy milk and like I said before, try for yourself if soy products do harm or good to your psoriasis. Everyone's body is different.

Category #6: Seeds

Being on a plant based diet, you have to ensure that you are getting your omega 3 which is crucial for healthy joints from a different source other than fish. Foods like hemp seeds, flaxseeds, chai seeds are also considered to be alkaline and are packed with Omega 3 and a bit of protein. Pumpkin Seeds are a great go to snack which have almost 20 grams of protein per 60 grams of serving. You can also put seeds on top of your oatmeal, smoothies, or even on a nice bowl of beans which we will talk about next.

Category #7: Beans and Lentils

Packed with iron, zinc, complex carbohydrates, fibre, and protein for that muscle recovery from your workouts, beans are a great food to eat on the alkaline plant based diet. You can get very creative with these and make bean bowls, bean burritos, bean burgers, soups and curries as well. I will leave couple of links down below to some good plant based cooking recipe books I recommend you read to learn how to make cooking tasty and fun on the plant based diet.

Category #8: Nuts

This category is also alkaline, however you just want to be careful about the quantity of nuts you consume daily. I recommend consuming just a handful of nuts daily and no more than that as the fat from the nuts can add up very quickly and you could end up going over your total calorie intake. If you want to get the right diet plan for your body type, psoriasis, age, gender, and fitness level, I recommend you apply to my online coaching so that you can learn more about macros and calories and how much you should be eating for your body. Also, avoid peanuts or peanut butter as many people like myself have found this to be a trigger for my psoriasis. My favourite foods from this category includes almonds, walnuts, cashews, and almond butter.

And that is it for this blog! Hope you learned a lot from this and can take some knowledgable information and apply to your life so that you can live a healthier, psoriasis-free life.

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