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We all know that psoriasis shows on our skin, but what some may not know is that psoriasis is actually an autoimmune disease that is treated by targeting our gut health. With that said, every individual living with psoriasis needs to have a good skin care routine to improve the look of the skin from the outside and to also protect the skin from getting dry, bleeding, or getting extremely itchy. In this blog, I will outline what products I use for my Psoriasis Skin Care Routine and will also leave links to these products down below. Note that if you do choose to use the links to purchase the products, I will receive a small commission from them and that is one of the kind ways you can support this website and the work I do. Let's get right into it:

Product #1

Let's start with a soap. Many people use a different soap for different areas of their body including hands, face, hair, body, etc. But for me, I have found with psoriasis that this black African soap that is made up of 100% raw organic shea butter has been by far the simplest and easiest to use product for my psoriasis. I use it as a hand-wash, shampoo, face wash, and body wash. Really is a very versatile product and leave my skin feeling nice and moist!

Product #2

There are many oils out there for psoriasis. And since everyone's body and skin is different, different oils work for different people. I myself have found that almond oil works the best, specifically for scalp psoriasis. It helps remove built up scales and dandruff in my scalp. I apply it on my scalp, rub it in thoroughly, and then leave my scalp soaked in this over night. Next day when I wake up I shower it off and I do this twice a week.

Product #3

When going out, or when getting out of the shower, it is really, REALLY, important to keep that dry skin with psoriasis nice and moist at all times. I find that the more you leave your skin dry, it eventually cracks and results in bleeding or even worse, constant itchiness which then results in bleeding from you peeling your flakes. When it comes to choosing a moisturizer, you don't need anything fancy. You do need to make sure though that the moisturizer you use is made for sensitive skin, for dry skin, and is fragrance free. For me, this Cetaphil lotion works great for face and body.

Product #4

Coal tar is a life saver for flaky skin. You know when your psoriasis gets really flaky, and you are constantly dropping flakes everywhere you go, and when you wake up in the morning and your bed is covered in flakes. I know the feeling and it sucks. Luckily, I came across this product called Coal Tar which targets extremely dry skin. It is a moisturizer for very dry skin and it does not burn your skin when you apply it to your psoriasis. When my psoriasis was really bad, I applied this to my skin and in just 3 days started seeing improvements on my psoriasis. It also helps with the itching. If you haven't tried coal tar before, I would really recommend it.

Product #5

My favourite product for when psoriasis gets really itchy and for stress relief. Dead sea salt or epsom salts contain magnesium in them which helps the skin get instant relief and has been shown to lower symptoms of stress and aid in recovery from workouts and sports activities. I personally take baths in them twice a week, and recommend you sit in bath with mild to cold water for 20-30 minutes. You can also travel to places around the world that have natural dead sea salt in the water, such as the beaches in Cuba. So next time you have plans to travel, consider going to a destination with natural sea salt water bodies and go dip your body in this water.

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-The Psoriasis Bodybuilder

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