Can Psoriasis Kill You?

The picture you are looking at from above is none other than the most severe type of psoriasis out there in the world, known as Erythrodermic Psoriasis. This type of psoriasis only effects 3% of the world population that suffers from psoriasis. As you could see from the title, today we will discuss, in short, if psoriasis can actually effect the life expectancy of a person, and if it can actually kill you!

I don't mean to get anyone scared with this blog post. In the contrary I want to educate people living with psoriasis if having psoriasis can effect their time on this planet. From what we know from science, psoriasis CAN'T actually kill you or effect your life expectancy in any sort of known way. According to the research I pulled from Everyday Health, it says that psoriasis can be uncomfortable emotionally and physically, but the disease itself does not affect a person's life time on this planet.

Aside from the research, in my own experience speaking with many psoriasis individuals from around the world on my YouTube Channel and Instagram page, as well as a few other platforms, I have not met a single person who told me they knew someone who died from psoriasis or had their psoriasis cause them to be close to death.

With this being said, I know of some individuals who have told me that their psoriasis that was left untreated eventually led to other health issues. These include arthritis, cancer, severe mental health issues, and many more. Many people have also said that taking severe medications caused other health problems in their liver, lungs, joints, and more. That is why on my social media platforms and on my online coaching I teach people how to heal their psoriasis naturally through diet, stress management, and other factors.

All in all, in short psoriasis CAN'T actually kill you. However it is super important to understand that this condition not treated or treated using severe medications can lead to other health issues that can cause permanent damage to your health or even lead to a shorter life span. So please, please, please, PLEASE take action and do something about your psoriasis before it gets worse and leads to other issues.

Link to research used in this article:,Stress

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