Carnivore Diet for Psoriasis/Eczema/Dermatitis

For a long time after being vegan on and off and clearing my psoriasis, but then it comes back, also known as psoriasis remission, I thought about trying something entirely new that I once thought was absurd and that it, becoming a lion.

No really, a carnivore diet is based primarily on eating animal foods. From dairy to organ meats, eggs, beef, lamb, chicken, fish, bison, buffalo, etc. your calories are coming from animal fats and proteins. This diet is pretty damn low on carbohydrates although later in the blog, we will discuss what carbs you can have because you can on the carnivore diet.

Before I dig any deeper into how the Carnivore Diet helped with my psoriasis, I just want to say the famous quote in the skin healing holistic community and that is going to be"What works for me may or may not work for you. Everyone's body is different!"

Why does the carnivore diet work? (for many at least)

Well, it essentially gets rid of many foods that have anti-nutrients and lectins, such as vegetables and many grains/legumes, and it almost forces you to go into a fasted state because you will feel more full and not want to eat as much on a carnivore diet. This diet is also known as an elimination diet and while for many it probably isn't something sustainable long term forever, its a great place to start and see what foods trigger or don't trigger your skin condition by adding slowly some foods back into your diet at least 30 days after being fully carnivore.

What can you eat on a carnivore diet?

Before I tell you what foods to eat, let me state that it is crucial that you consume the highest quality meats on this diet. So for red meat only 100% grass-fed. For chicken and other white meats, pasture-raised. For fish, wild-caught. And for things like milk, cheese, butter also from 100% grass-fed animals. Want to point out that with dairy some people may find it beneficial to completely avoid them during the skin healing process. I know dairy is known as one of the trigger foods for psoriasis, but everyone's different. Personally, I can't do cow milk or butter, but I can do Buffalo milk and butter. This is due to the fact that Buffalo contains an A2 source of protein while most cow milk contains A1 protein which is not digestible for many people. I will say this again, what works for one may or may not work for another. You have to customize a diet for yourself!

Here is a common list of foods I currently eat being carnivore:

-beefsteak 100% grass-fed

-cow heart 100% grass-fed

-cow kidney 100% grass-fed

-whole pasture-raised chicken

-chicken necks from pasture-raised chicken

-wild-caught salmon

-pasture-raised chicken eggs

-grass-fed buffalo butter

-grass-fed buffalo milk

-bone broth (beef or chicken)

-pink Himalayan salt

-raw honey

-brown rice

-apples and pears

Notice that I am still having some carbs. You have to play around to see what carbs work for you. For most, fruits and raw honey are ok. But even then, in small amounts. I would say keep your carbs under 100 grams and adjust from there.

This blog was written through my own experience with diet and lifestyle changes to heal my psoriasis. I am NOT a doctor or a dermatologist! I am just a guy who has psoriasis and is sharing his journey in the hope I can help others along the way. Every tip or advice I share on my channel across my videos is entirely experience-based as well as through my own research I try different things that may or may not work to improve my psoriasis condition, NATURALLY!

For more updates on the skin healing journey, check out my YouTube Channel and follow me on Instagram.

Cheers everyone!

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