Foods to Avoid for Psoriasis

Foods to avoid with psoriasis is very controversial. Many people living with psoriasis report different types of foods or categories of foods they avoid that has helped them improve their psoriasis. So in this blog I will mention some of the most common groups of foods one should avoid to improve their psoriasis condition. Do try eliminating these foods from your current diet if you haven't already and see if it improves your psoriasis or not. You will only know if your try the elimination method of dieting which is where you subtract then add foods to your daily diet to see if that particular food or group of foods is a trigger for you and your psoriasis.

Food #1

The most common inflammatory food out there is dairy. People with psoriasis, eczema, acne report that when they consume diary their symptoms get worse. This is definitely a big trigger for psoriasis for majority of the population living with psoriasis. And this type of food is the hardest of all to avoid because it is a very commonly consumed food including eggs for breakfast, milk or cream in coffee, cheese on pizza, etc. But of course no one said getting clear skin would be easy. Try dairy-free options as there are many brands making dairy free cheese like Daiya and for milk you can use nut or soy milk.

Food #2

Processed meats are very commonly consumed in the North American part of the world. This includes burgers, deli meat, bacon, etc. These meats contain higher traces of trans fat too and red meat in particular has shown to be a big trigger for many people living with psoriasis. When I was switching from an Omnivorous diet to a plant based diet, I first removed red meat and saw a good improvement in my psoriasis. So before you go on a vegan diet if that is something you haven't yet tried, try first removing processed meats and red meats. Consume lean cut meats like chicken breast and salmon. You can watch how my diet looked like when I cut out red meat in this video.

Food #3

Refined carbs are those that have been highly processed. These happen to be the most tasting carbs that we eat on a regular basis including white bread or pasta, cookies, cakes, donuts, bagels, etc. The issue with processed carbs is that they don't contain the great vitamins and nutrients that complex carbs contain including brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat, oats, brown bread, sweet potatoes. You can watch this video on the best grains to eat for psoriasis. Start by slowly reducing the number of refined carbs you eat and switch to a more whole complex carbs. This should definitely help with psoriasis.

Food #4

Unhealthy fats are another category of foods commonly eaten around the world. I mean who doesn't love french fries and a deep fried chicken. The issue here is that unhealthy fats contain trans fat which is very hard on the body and the immune system to get rid of. There are healthy fats that are good for the body including olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, etc. I would definitely recommend to switch to healthier fat sources and in my opinion these are not too hard to switch too. For example, with french fries consider baking them instead of frying them.

Food #5

This last category of foods applies to a very few of the population living with psoriasis. Some people have said that avoiding Night Shades has helped them with their psoriasis. Night Shades include tomatoes, peppers, egg plants, white potatoes, etc. I discuss more on this hot topic in the psoriasis community in this video. I would recommend again you try removing these foods and then slowly adding them to see if these foods do trigger your psoriasis or not. You can also make switches into your diet like ketchup which has tomatoes you can use hummus. For white potatoes use sweet potatoes.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, these foods may or may not be triggers for your psoriasis. I always mention this in my YouTube videos and Instagram that psoriasis is very personal. This means that there is no perfect diet, or list of foods to avoid. Try various diets, remove foods that have shown to cause triggers for some people like the foods mentioned in this blog, and go from there.

Thanks for reading today's blog and I can't wait to catch you on next week's post.

-The Psoriasis Bodybuilder

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