Psoriasis and Coronavirus, Should you be worried?

We all know at this point what the Coronavirus or COVID-19 is, but the question I have been getting asked on my Instagram is whether or not people who have psoriasis are more likely to catch the coronavirus? In this blog I will be sharing a scientific research done by the Psoriasis Association in UK between the link of psoriasis and COVID-19.

In short, if you or someone you know has psoriasis, they are equally likely to catch the coronavirus as someone who does not have psoriasis. However, if the person who has psoriasis were to catch the coronavirus, the symptoms could be far worse and treatment can be different as compared to a healthy average individual who were to get the coronavirus. It is important to note that people who have psoriasis have weaker immune systems, and similar to how many cases of the coronavirus has been linked to old aged individuals who also have weaker immune systems, we can conclude that if people with psoriasis were to get the coronavirus, it would be a hard battle to win.

Another important factor to note is people who have psoriasis AND are on immune suppressants or any medications. If these individuals were to catch the coronavirus, their immune systems would find it difficult to fight the symptoms of the virus itself due to the fact that their immune systems are being suppressed from the psoriasis medications.

So, all in all, people who have psoriasis do not need to panic or take any extra precautions to avoid the coronavirus. Everyone should be keeping distance from people, avoid large gatherings, stay at home as much as you can, and of course keep your hygiene in check. This is also a great time at least lower your consumption of medications and eat more healthy. You can find videos on my YouTube Channel on diet and what foods to eat or avoid. If you prefer watching my Psoriasis and Coronavirus video I made you can watch that here.

Thanks for reading this week's blog. I'd love it if you would subscribe to my blog my going onto the home page. By the time you are reading this blog, I hope things to get better. Everyday we are hearing things on the news and things are changing daily. This self-isolation is a great time to spend time with family and close friends and your loved ones, but also to spend time on yourself. Re-evaluate some goals you have set for yourself. Get your health, nutrition, and exercise back in check. You can always workout at home too.

Agains thanks for reading today's blog and I can't wait to catch you on next week's post.

-The Psoriasis Bodybuilder

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