Psoriasis and Stress Management

When tough times occur, and they will occur in everyone's life at some point, we tend to start overthinking which creates anxiety and these are forms of stress. When this happens, our bodies send out signals in our brains which causes inflammation, or in the case of people living with psoriasis, flares up our psoriasis. Then there are quick stress reliefs we go for when we stress which often leads to poor decisions, such as eating junk food, drinking more alcohol, smoking, etc. And this further creates more bad habits which over time, cause our mental health and our psoriasis to worsen. In this week's blog, I will be talking about the 5 things I do when I start to stress which have helped me over the years better manage my stress, and thus improve my psoriasis from flaring up or even coming back after I have healed it.


Living with psoriasis includes having a daily regular skin care routine involving moisturizing, exfoliating, applying essential oils, taking epsom salt baths, and more to take care of our skin from the outside. If you are looking for a good skin care routine for your psoriasis, I recommend watching this video on my typical psoriasis skin care routine. Next time your stress out, be sure to still take care of your skin and not slack off, because eventually if you do slack off, you will start noticing your skin dry out more, get more flakey, and all of which can cause a nasty psoriasis flare up. Self care is an important aspect of living a healthy life and it is one of the best ways you can manage your stress levels.


People with psoriasis report lack of vitamin D in their body, and one of the simplest ways to fix this is to spend more time outdoors. Research has shown that people's moods improve when they spend time outdoors in the sun, in nature and get involved in some recreational activity. So next time you start stressing, instead of watching Netflix to take your mind off things, I recommend you go take a nice long walk, watch the sunset, walk your dog, go for a job, ride a bike on a trail, and I can guarantee this will elevate your mood and make you think more clearer.


Often when we stress out, we find ourselves sitting in our homes or locked in our bedrooms, just overthinking the situation. But something great happens when we get up and move. Physical exercise in the form of hitting the weights, playing your favourite sport, or even simply cutting the grass can elevate stress levels. When we move, our body releases endorphins which helps elevate stress levels and thus improve our moods. If you are wondering how to exercise living with psoriasis, I have a video on my YouTube Channel on some basic steps to take to exercise living with psoriasis.


A poor diet that is not rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that our body needs, especially living with psoriasis is a huge trigger for stress. On the other hand, the most common pleasure we seek especially when we get stressed out is the need to eat junk or highly processed food such as pizza, chips, chocolate, etc. Before you grab that piece of cake after you've had like 4 slices of cake already, think about your diet, and your psoriasis. If you go off the rails on your diet living with psoriasis when you are stressed out, this will only cause the stress to get worse as you will start to see more psoriasis flare ups from a poor diet. If you are looking on how to go about eating a healthy diet living with psoriasis, I have got many videos on diet for psoriasis on my YouTube.


Many times we are stressed out from boredom or because we are bored from doing the things we already do. So it is time to try new things! Some of these things include learning a new language, learning to play the guitar (or any other instrument), learning to workout if you haven't already, play a new sport, cook a new recipe, the possibilities are really infinite here. And the Internet has made learning new things that much more easier. Websites like Skillshare and Udemy are filled with courses on various topics that may interest you such as photography, cinematography, learning to make an app, and so much more! Take the off time or the boredom to learn new skills. The human brain was designed to keep on learning, and not just stop when you are done school or college. So keep busy, and keep learning. You never know what new skills you may find interesting and where they could take you in your life, relationships, or at your job.

That is it for this week's blog post. I actually made a video on these tips mentioned in the blog so if you would like to see how I use these practices in my real life, you can watch the video here.

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-The Psoriasis Bodybuilder

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