Psoriasis Diet- Going Vegan?

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

I am pretty damn sure anyone who has psoriasis at some point in their lives has tried different types of diets, including the Vegan diet to see if whether or not the diet can cure or heal their psoriasis. In the past, I have went Vegan for 30 days and my psoriasis improved a lot, alongside other things being considered. So I am giving this Vegan diet a shot again since my psoriasis has come back after 18 months of having clear skin. Who knows, I may just become a full time Vegan. What are your thoughts on this the Vegan diet? If you have tried it before or are on it right now, is it improving your psoriasis symptoms? Let me know in the comments.

Link to Full Video showing exactly what I eat on a vegan diet daily:

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