The Best Psoriasis Warriors on Instagram

At the end of day, we are all psoriasis warriors. We belong to a 145 million group of people worldwide who are living with psoriasis. In this week's blog post, I want to share with you guys some of these psoriasis warriors as I have their permission to share briefly their experiences with psoriasis and what they showcase on their Instagram profiles. I have included myself in this list, and with no order in mind let's get right into it:


I will begin the list with the beautiful and strong women on the psoriasis warrior community. I know that females are a bit more anxious about their skin and sharing it to the public, so it does take a strong inner heart for them to share their skin, not matter how it looks. Stephanie's account was the first one I came across when I was first diagnosed with psoriasis. She works at a car dealership where I am sure she has to deal with new customers on a regular basis and with psoriasis it can be intimidating to meet new people regularly. She also has a YouTube Channel and shares diet tips and skin care routines on her Instagram.


If you are looking for some positive support through your life living with psoriasis, I would highly recommend checking out Reena's Instagram. She supports all living with psoriasis through her sharing not only hers, but others psoriasis journeys as well on her Instagram page. A lot of skin care and scalp psoriasis tips can be found on her page and honestly, with that amazing smile on her face, she can turn your bad days into good ones.


A business woman and a healthy and beauty fan, Michelle's got a few Instagram pages, but her psoriasis dedicated page is filled with pictures and videos that will encourage you to live a life of joy and exploration instead of self-isolation. What most people struggle with living with psoriasis is being able to put themselves out there into the world. Many feel bad about their skin and live a life of fear and hopelessness. In reality, the world is much larger than us, and while we are on this planet we should all enjoy our time and live life to the fullest. This is the type of vibe I get from Michelle's Instagram page.


We got another Michelle here. This one posts a lot of Vegan diet and food recipes on her Instagram page. I do like how she believes in the natural healing for psoriasis which is what I follow too. I also follow the plant based diet like hers and pick up some new food ideas from her page. Be sure to check this one out for all vegan diet recipes, meal ideas, and much more.


"Encouraging people to feel comfortable in their own skin" is her mission. Lianne's Instagram page is filled with a lot of inspirational quotes, so during your down times you can scroll through her page and get a boost of support. She shares her positive experience on how psoriasis has made her life a lot better in many great ways and shares global news on psoriasis on her Instagram stories and posts. Be sure to give her a follow too!


An actor, podcast host, and of course a psoriasis warrior! When you check Ciena's Instagram page, you will see she is a very adventurous person. She is involved in so many areas with her life, which I absolutely love to see people do. See with psoriasis if all you do is sit, cry, and feel bad about yourself, then life will be very hard to live. But if you go out there, try new things, new hobbies, fulfill any interests or goals you have in life, you will find yourself positively distracted and that will take your mind off from focusing too much on your psoriasis. Life is too short to be little, so live it to your best!


A husband, loving father of 4 kids, and a strong psoriasis warrior. Gary shares the same passion as me which is to lift some heavy weight. Regularly training and going to the gym is a great way to keep your mind off from overly thinking about your psoriasis condition. It is actually really beneficial for your psoriasis and rigorous exercise releases toxins from the body and also is a positive stressor. 100% give this strong psoriasis warrior a follow on his Instagram page.


Last but not least, this is me. My name is Mohammed. I to have a psoriasis Instagram and Youtube Channel. I really do enjoy creating content such as videos and more to inspire, educate, and help people who have psoriasis. I follow a natural holistic approach when it comes to healing psoriasis which is through a plant based whole food diet, finding positive ways to reduce stress, and also getting sufficient sun exposure. More on that on my Instagram and YouTube channel.

That concludes my list of some of my favourite Instagram psoriasis warriors. Even if you were not on this list, you are still a psoriasis warrior. If you have any social media presence online, be sure to leave your username or a link in the comments. I will give you a shoutout on my Instagram. Together, we will raise more positive awareness for psoriasis and help one another live happy, fulfilling, and most importantly, psoriasis free lives!

You can find a few more psoriasis warriors that I did not mention in this blog as there is an increasing number of psoriasis in the world today, which is a great thing.

Be sure to share this blog with family, friends, and on your social media and thanks for reading this week's blog. I will catch you on the next one!

-The Psoriasis Bodybuilder

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