The Vegan Diet - Best diet for psoriasis?

Common question that gets asked around in the online communities of people with psoriasis is "What is the best diet for psoriasis?" Although there is no science that suggests a specific diet for psoriasis, whether it be keto, vegan, paleo, or any other diet, many people like myself have experienced with different types of diets and for some the plant based diet works great, myself included.

In this blog post I will share my experience with trying different diets and what worked best for me to improve my psoriasis. If you want to see more on diet and my improvements with it, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel and Instagram. Again, this diet worked for me. What works for me may or may not work for you. I am just sharing my experiences online to help others who have psoriasis live a healthier lifestyle with clear and glowing skin!

The first thing I did when I first got diagnosed with psoriasis is go to the doctor, which is what everyone pretty much does. After trying so many creams, then pills, nothing worked and my doctor sent me to a dermatologist who specialized in psoriasis. The dermatologist put me on steroid injections, and at that point I went home and out of curiosity searched up what the side effects could be of the injection I took. I was surprised to see that there was a very small chance that the injection could cause cancer, and perhaps in some cases also cause other health problems like liver damage, kidney stones, etc.

This was the turning point of my switch to a more natural holistic approach to heal my psoriasis. Notice how I used the word "heal" and not cure. Psoriasis can not be cured, through natural or medications. It can be healed, then controlled through either dietary and lifestyle changes, or if you are on medications you have to still be taking medication at a lower dosage once your psoriasis clears up.

Once I realized that I want to heal my psoriasis naturally, I started cleaning up my diet. First step was to clear up some smoking I did when I was younger, and stupider, and also cutting off alcohol. Then, I started to eat more whole foods, reducing the amount of junk food I was consuming at the time. This cleared my psoriasis a lot. But I still didn't see or get the full benefits I was hoping for. I made a post on this Psoriasis Facebook group about diet for psoriasis, and someone told me to go watch a documentary called "The Game Changer." as well as another one called "What the health." These documentaries literally changed my life and how I look at food.

These documentaries are about how the plant based diet can be used to improve the body's functions physically and also to revery a lot of chronic illnesses. Although neither documentaries talked about psoriasis itself, they did emphasize on how animal products, dairy included, are not good for the body itself and how much inflammation they cause in the body. So I took it upon myself to give the plant based diet a try. Remember, it is not just about eating a plant based diet, but also eating 95% or more whole foods (foods in their natural form).

Giving this diet a try, after 30 days I saw the pink psoriasis patches on my face which I hated completely clear away as you can see from this Instagram post. From there on I decided to keep following this diet and I started seeing faster recovery from my workouts. I am a regular gym goer and train as a powerlifter, so I am regularly lifting heavy weights at the gym and my recovery improved from day to day and so did my strength. I felt stronger and healthier, which honestly feels like you have some super power!

Now, I am not saying that following a plant based diet is going to clear your psoriasis or make you super strong at the gym. But this is the experience I have felt and seen on myself and my body. I would recommend watching those two short documentaries I mentioned earlier as they will give you a more scientific reason to try this diet out. I also would recommend to just give the diet a try. Try it for 30 days straight, and if you don't like it or don't see results then you can go back to however you were eating before. But I can promise you will see an improvement in your overall health.

If you are ensure on what exactly to eat on a plant based diet, or how you can build muscle on a plant based diet, or need overall guidance to get on a plant based diet, you can apply for my online coaching services and I will create a custom diet plan to fit your needs according to a plant based diet.

Thanks for reading today's blog and I can't wait to catch you on next week's post.

-The Psoriasis Bodybuilder

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