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  Is it Worth it to Follow a Psoriasis Blog?

While it may seem like the question of whether or not to follow a psoriasis blog would have a simple answer, it isn't quite a yes-or-no proposition. That's because blogs have a variety of foci beyond "psoriasis." Some are intended more to provide emotional support or to detail the emotions the writer has as he or she works to combat his/her condition. Meanwhile, others are intended to provide clear, actionable advice for controlling the disease and try not to get too emotional in the process. Which of these, if any, will help you depends on your own goals.

If you're looking for actionable advice, a good one to follow is The Psoriasis Bodybuilder. As the name implies, it is run by a man who is a bodybuilder and who also has severe plaque psoriasis. A look at his picture shows that he has it mostly under control, and the blog is mostly about how he managed that.
Each post on this psoriasis blog details an important aspect of psoriasis, whether it be products that help control it, dietary recommendations, or how some medical treatments for psoriasis can make it harder to fight off the new coronavirus.

The blogger also offers psoriasis online coaching for those looking to improve their fitness and to help with their psoriasis, if they have it. This coaching will guide the person through a transition to a better, customized diet, provide exercise guidance to reach fitness goals, and help the client attain clearer skin. It is done on a one-on-one basis through emails, phone calls, and video.

To check out the blog or sign up for psoriasis online coaching, visit You'll find a wealth of information, and just as importantly, you'll get to see how well the Bodybuilder's methods have improved his skin.